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Distance Sensor (GY-53)

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Distance Sensor (GY-53)
Easy to use, eliminating complex communications, eliminating complex algorithms, direct output distance data. 
Easier to connect with other MCU and computer.
GY-53 infrared ranging module (VL53L0X + STM32)
Module type: GY-53
Use chip: VL53L0X + STM32
Power supply: 3-5v (low dropout voltage regulator)
Range: 2 meters (dark, long distance mode)
Size: 25mm*15.6mm (including mounting hole)
Communication mode: serial output, PWM output, the chip itself IIC output.
Serial port and PWM to read the data code: STM32, 51 MCU.
Note that due to the infrared will be affected by the outside light,
in the light will affect the maximum range of measurement, will not affect the measurement accuracy.
Default configuration: serial baud rate 9600, automatic output, high precision mode.

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