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Everything but the case (MyBar DIY Kit) - 9 Pumps

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Everything but the case (MyBar DIY Kit) - 9 Pumps

MyBar - Cocktail Machine makes the perfect cocktail, time after time! 

With this DIY Kit you get everything you need except the case.

Making cocktails at home will never be the same!

  • Never forget a recipe.
  • Make the perfect cocktail over and over again.
  • Have a dedicated Bartender for your parties.
  • Share your favorite cocktails with your friends.

With a simple and intuitive App this DIY Bartender Assistant Robot can make drinks by mixing up to 9 ingredients together at the same time. Just enter the bottles connected to your Bar into the mobile app and the list of possible cocktails will be populated.

Can't find a bottle or drink? Don't panic, you can add your own bottles and cocktails

But why to stop there, we also integrated it with Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby.

This DIY kit includes all the parts needed to get your Bar up and running. 

Part Quantity
PCB Board 1
Plastic Connectors 40
Power Connector 1
Power Supply 9v 2Amps. 1
Pumps 9
Wire Sensor 11in 1
Wire Led 19in 1
Wire Pumps 14in 9
Wire Power 14in 9
Led 5mm white 1
Led Case 5mm 1
Tubing Front 11in 9
Tubing Back 17in 9
Tubing Out 36in (3ft) 9
Distance sensor 1