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MyBar - Cocktail Machine (Fully assembled) - 9 Pumps


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MyBar - Cocktail Machine (Fully assembled) - 9 Pumps
MyBar - Cocktail Machine (Fully assembled) - 9 Pumps

MyBar - Cocktail Machine makes the perfect cocktail, time after time! 

Making cocktails at home will never be the same!

  • Never forget a recipe.
  • Make the perfect cocktail over and over again.
  • Have a dedicated Bartender for your parties.
  • Share your favorite cocktails with your friends.

With a simple and intuitive App, this Bartender Assistant Robot can make drinks by mixing up to 9 ingredients together at the same time. Just enter the bottles connected to your Bar into the mobile app and the list of possible cocktails will be populated.

Can't find a bottle or drink? Don't panic, you can add your own bottles and cocktails

But why stop there, we also integrated it with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby.

What's included:

Part Quantity
PCB Board 1
Spacers M3 4
Screws 3M 4mm 6
Screws 3M 10mm (Black) 14
Nuts 3M (Black) 14
Screws 3M 6mm (Silver) 4
Legs 4
Plastic Connectors 40
3D Print: Sensor Front 1
3D Print: Sensor Back 1
3D Print: Plastic Connectors Front 1
3D Print: Plastic Connectors Back 1
3D Print: Power Connector Back 1
3D Print: Liquid tray 1
Wooden pieces 1
Acrylic Front 1
Acrylic Grill 1
Power Connector 1
Power Supply 9v 2Amps. 1
Pumps 9
Wire Sensor 11in 1
Wire Led 19in 1
Wire Pumps 14in 9
Wire Power 14in 9
Led 5mm white 1
Led Case 5mm 1
Tubing Front 11in 9
Tubing Back 17in 9
Tubing Out 36in (3ft) 9
Distance sensor 1